Office Group is a respected company that retails office furniture. Renowned for its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, Office Group ensures you receive the best quality office furniture.

Our product range caters to diverse needs, from buzzing corporate environments to compact home offices or top-executive workspaces. We take great care when assembling our product line. With a focus on both its functionality and aesthetic appeal, we ensure that every piece of furniture not only looks good but also adds to the productivity of your business.

Office Desks for Every Worker

  • Executive Office Desks: Our executive office desks are a symphony of style and professionalism. Crafted with premium materials, these desks command respect and authority, making them a perfect fit for any leader.
  • General Desks: Ideal for the daily demands of the office environment, these desks offer durability and practicality without compromising on design.
  • Cluster Desks: For those who thrive in a collaborative setting, cluster desks perfectly combine individual space and team interaction.
  • Training Room Desks: These desks are built to facilitate learning and development and are simple and practical.
  • Home Office Desks: These smaller desks ensure your home office is a place of productivity and inspiration.
  • Wall Units & Cabinets: These storage units complement the office aesthetic while offering user-friendly organisational capabilities.

Office Chairs For All-Day Support

  • Ergonomic Chairs: Engineered to support your body throughout the day, ergonomic chairs from Office Group prevent fatigue and increase productivity.
  • Executive Chairs: These chairs are comfortable, malleable and elegant, making them perfect for any executive suite.
  • General Chairs: Reliable and sturdy, these chairs are suitable for every part of your office: on the office floor, in the canteen or even on the terrace.
  • Heavy User Chairs: Built to withstand more intensive use, these chairs are perfect for 24/7 environments like call and data centres.
  • Industrial Chairs: Specifically designed for toughness, these chairs can withstand rigorous industrial settings.
  • Public Seating: These durable seating solutions are perfect for waiting areas and public spaces.
  • Training Room Chairs: Focus on learning to be comfortable with easy-to-move and store chairs.

Embrace Boardroom Elegance

  • Boardroom Tables: Command attention with beautifully crafted boardroom tables that comfortably seat many people.
  • Server Units: These pieces complement the boardroom, offering practical storage for essential equipment and providing an area to host business partners for meetings.

Efficient Filing Systems

  • Lateral Filing Cabinets: Maximise your office space and organise your documents with lateral filing systems.
  • Steel Cabinets: Steel cabinets are reliable for their durability and secure features.
  • Bulk Filers: Ideal for offices with high document storage needs, bulk filers offer a space-efficient solution.

Welcoming Reception Areas

  • Reception Counters: Make a strong first impression with sleek, modern reception counters incorporating company branding.

For Your Visitors:

  • Coffee Tables: Sleek coffee tables add a touch of sophistication to your reception. Use company books, images, and relevant media to invite guests into your workspace.
  • Couches: Ensure your guests are comfortable with these inviting couches.

Canteen Must-Haves

For Everything Your Office Needs – Trust Office Group

Office Group’s vast selection of office furniture products offers something for every workspace, combining style with functionality to create beautiful and productive environments.

Whether you’re upgrading your current office or furnishing a new space, Office Group has the solutions you need to bring your workspace to life. 

Discover more about Office Group and our office furniture selection by visiting Office Group and level up your workspace today! 

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