Gone are the vibrant leaves of fall and the anticipation of cool breezes. As the wind turns bitter cold and the shortened days keep closing in, the winter blues come calling too. The routine remains the same but changes in the season mean arriving to and leaving work in the dark, thus missing out on sunlight, outdoor enjoyment and the optimism of summer.

Don’t let it darken the mood and moral in the office when simply adding some greenery here and a bit of updated office furniture will do the trick. Why give in to the grim when there are alternatives that will liven up the workplace? Chase away the gloom with these affordable solutions to brighten up that break room or office so your employees can somehow see the light of day.


Paint It White

No one wants to see old wood paneling or dirty gray walls any time of year, so lighten the mood first and foremost with a fresh coat of paint. White will do the job perfectly but it wouldn’t hurt to let the sun in a little more by purchasing new office chairs and replacing the boring chair or two to a vibrant yellow. Spray paint some old, empty frames a summer shade for simple décor and an extra pop of color.


Plants Aplenty

Turning the office scene green will literally bring some life to the room. Transfer the outdoors inside with some easy-to-maintain plants like ferns and cactuses. A raised bed garden full of herbs will spark culinary conversations and possibly influence employees to join in on the plant-nurturing fun. Whether you’re hanging your plants in Mason jars or potting them inside coffee mugs, do something that will add extra quirk and maybe get the creative juices flowing back in the office.


Get Lit

When the sun is gone, so are those vitamins and good vibrations, but all is not lost now that sun lamps have arrived to save the day. It’s easier now to have some simulated sunshine with sun lamps that can fit perfectly right on your desk. The therapeutic benefits are proven to be great, but if you’re a skeptic, even a string of white Christmas lights or Chinese lanterns can add the whimsical charm of a warm patio in Spring.


Let ’em Lounge

Patio furniture isn’t merely for the outdoors anymore. You can bring the sunshine back by bringing inside bright tables and chairs. Turn the break room into a bright paradise, and let your hard-working team kick their feet up and realize they’ve got it good. If you don’t have the outdoor furniture, keep the colors bright by finding some tropical patio chairs or red gingham picnic tablecloths to refashion and liven up your space . Add a pink flamingo to the mix for extra flair.


Happy Hour

This is where it all comes together. Use some basil or mint from your herb garden to serve summer cocktails on the occasional Friday at five. An umbrella-ed drink with a pink flamingo straw will go nicely with an employee lounged on floral patio cushions, soaking in the rays of the sunlamp. The reality of winter may await outside but keeping the atmosphere within lighthearted and laid back is all you need to keep your business working favorably until the heat of summer returns.

If anything, winter is a great chance to get creative while you wait for brighter days. Office Group has a wide variety of office furniture that is not only affordable but also of excellent quality!

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