Frequently asked questions about Public Seating

What makes good public seating?

When looking at what features good public seating should have, it is important to consider how it fits in the space. Public seating provides a space for people to rest, sit and take in the area that surrounds them. This means that good public seating needs to be comfortable, versatile and of the right size, materials and design.

What features should public seating have?

In terms of the features to look for when comparing options for public seating, a good guideline would be the following. The design and configuration should be complementary and inviting, drawing people in to choose to sit and take up the space provided. The location must be optimised and have thought behind it to provide the best possible user experience in the space.

Considering the difference design can make, the size, style and material of the seating go a long way in inviting users to use the seating. This will also need to be maintained easily due to constant use and potential damage occurring, so keep this in mind.

Why is public seating so important?

Public seating enhances a shared space, offering an area of rest and comfort. It is needed in public places to provide support for the elderly, a structure to take in the scenery, or even as an encouraging element to bring the community together.

Benches and chairs made available to the public also improve their experience of the area. Public seating makes a big difference from waiting in an office to being able to rest comfortably.

What are the different options of public seating?

We offer a range of public seating options, varying in size, number of seats, design and material. Depending on the proposed use of the seating, having different options available ensures that the exact needs of the location are met.

Are there options for material?

We offer a variety of materials for public seating. From upholstery and sleek wood to metal and modern combinations of steel with wood, our seating options meet your vision.

Which material is best for public seating?

This will determine on what space it is intended for. In a waiting room or office space, an upholstered chair with a table might fit best as it complements the area and provides comfort while people wait.

A metal bench might be best suited for an airport or other very busy public space. This is due to the wear and tear from constant use and the potential damages that can occur. Metal would be the most durable and easy to clean or maintain.

The Options Are Endless

We offer a range of furniture solutions to meet the exact requirements of what you are looking for. From office furniture in the workspace and waiting rooms to public seating for airport benches, we have a variety of options available. Discover more of what Office Group has to offer, and get in contact with us today.

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