Frequently asked questions about Boardroom Furniture

What is a boardroom?

A boardroom is a designated meeting room in your office that offers privacy and can cater for a large group of people. The number of people catered for depends on the size of the company, and the types of meeting being held. At the very least, a boardroom should have enough seats for every member of the board.

Does my office need a boardroom?

While you might not necessarily need a traditional boardroom, all offices generally need a larger, designated meeting room that can accommodate a group of people. These rooms would offer privacy for management discussions, client meetings and presentations.

What is the best boardroom table?

This depends on the objective of the boardroom. In most cases a long, rectangular table provides the best seating arrangement. A round table is great for rooms that can accommodate it.

What are the best boardroom tables for big offices?

Simply put, big boardroom tables are best for big offices. Depending on the size of the room, boardroom tables can seat upwards of 14 people comfortably.

Should boardroom chairs be comfortable?

All office chairs should be comfortable and provide proper support. Comfortable chairs will go a long way in keeping meeting participants focused and attentive, especially on those occasions where a meeting never seems to end.

Can boardroom furniture be aesthetic and ergonomic?

Boardrooms are generally seen as the executive meeting area of an office and as such, they should be comfortable to host extended meetings, and be designed to impress by creating a strong presence.

Why would I need a round conference table?

Round conference tables give equal presence to all participants and are generally better for team engagement meetings… or for knights discussing the future of mediaeval Europe.

Are boardrooms still necessary?

In our opinion yes, even if they are often used for office parties or as additional working areas for interns.

Where can I find quality office furniture in South Africa?

Office Group is the leading supplier of quality office furniture in South Africa with its large variety of classic, modern and contemporary desk, chairs and tables.

What is the difference between boardroom furniture and office furniture?

Boardroom furniture is still considered office furniture, just purpose designed for a large meeting area. Boardrooms often include a server unit that can include a fridge and coffee station, as well as wall units to improve the aesthetic of the room.

What are the best boardroom chairs?

Comfortable and ergonomic chairs are always advised when it comes to choosing the right office furniture. Narrower chairs, or chairs without arms allow for additional seating where space is at a premium.

Should my boardroom have standing desks?

While standing boardroom tables have become popular of late, you’ll need to consider the typical participants of meetings held in the boardroom. If everyone is in their 20’s and early 30’s and meetings are typically short, then standing desks are a great option due to their health benefits. If your boardroom generally hosts long meetings, or caters for more “experienced” attendees then comfortable, ergonomic seating will be a better choice.

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