Filing Cabinets

Walk-in filing cabinets, Ben filers and Bay filers in various sizes with painted or cladded surfaces. These cupboards can be filled with shelves, cradles or wire racks and forms part of our office furniture range. The bulk storage units are available from 3 bay filing units to 12 bay unit and you can create tandem bulk filing units for optimal filing space.

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Document Storage Options

Filing cabinets are an essential piece of office furniture for optimal organisation and ordering of documents. They are typically made of metal and can be large but vary in size depending on the requirements of the space.

Documents are stored and easily accessible in deep drawers or spacious shelves that allow for easy scanning and retrieval. Filing cabinets are an extremely valuable addition to office spaces as they save floor space and optimise office organisation. They are sleek and ergonomically designed to ensure flow and ease and combat the cluttering of an area.

Top Retrieval Filing Cabinets-Plastic Containers

Frequently asked questions about filing cabinets

What type of filing cabinets are best for an office?

Filing cabinets differ depending on their use in an office, and the choice is based on what would best work in the given area. This also comes down to the individual preference for how documents are stored and retrieved.

Types of filing cabinets

In terms of design, different types of filing cabinets offer varying storage profiles, capacity, and of course, ease of use. Office Group offers a wide range of filing cabinets that are top-retrieval, walk-in or in the style of a wardrobe or cupboard to meet the exact needs of your office space.

Depending on the preferred way of storing documents, each presents its own list of benefits. Top-retrieval filing cabinets allow the quick and easy skimming of names when going through documents as one looks down in the drawers.

Walk-in filing cabinets allow a great general overview from a standing perspective, as well as the ergonomic sliding of shelves to store more documents and allow for easy looking-through. Wardrobe filing cabinets function as a cupboard would, allowing for the closing up and locking of the unit if need be.

Is buying quality filing cabinets worth it?

Filing cabinets offer a variety of benefits as opposed to just storing files and documents around an office. Tidying up the space and optimising the organisation of files, filing cabinets create order to easily store and find the exact documents that are needed.

Filing cabinets can be chosen to fit the specifications of the volume and frequency that documents are needed to be sorted. They then also make the retrieval of these documents easier for all employees.

Fire proof and fire resistant filing cabinets are great for keeping documents safe in higher-risk working enviroments.

How do I know I need filing cabinets?

If you find that your office needs more organisation when it comes to paperwork or documentation, considering a filing cabinet might be best. You are able to streamline the sorting of documents as well as speed up the retrieval process when one is trying to find a client's profile or specific paperwork rapidly.

Filing cabinets make for a great addition to an office and allow the organisation to level up in many ways. The choice would come down to which style of filing cabinets best suits the space and fulfils the purpose. With a sleek design to compliment your office space, filing cabinets allow for the effortless optimising of workflow and organisation.

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