Technology has moved from the bulky design to the super slim and sleek. The design of office furniture has followed this trend and it too has become super slim in design.

Designing the workplace can be just as daunting as it is exciting. Looking at the general nature of a company might lead you to select a ‘type’ of office layout, however individual needs and roles of groups of employees should be a factor to consider and not overlooked.

The design of office furniture can make quite a difference in how efficiently and effectively employees work. There should also be a balance of comfort (ergonomics) and aesthetics. Quality is important and Investing in high quality office furniture will be an investment that is guaranteed to pay off. When choosing office furniture, designs and combinations need to be considerate of space for the team or the individual to be comfortable while working. With desks, chairs, storage and computers, space can become limited. By giving the employees space to move also gives them space to think, a comfortable workstation can reduce stress levels keeping the office a little more tranquil.

An often-overlooked area when organizing a new office is the opportunities for storage. An excellent way of offering individual storage to staff is under the desk drawers or a credenza – a personal filing storage. For larger communal storage there is bookcases and filing cabinets. This not only allows your office to look tidier, it also makes admin an easier task. Ensuring you have enough storage for the work you have and anticipate for the future will continue to keep your office running smoothly.

A work environment should energize and inspire us, it has the ability to influence how people think and solve problems. It should support us physically, and have areas to focus, collaborate or rejuvenate when necessary. With every emerging design trend, the way we are working is rapidly changing. Space assessments are opting for open floor plans, creating space for teamwork & communication.

From cubicles to open layouts with benching desks or cluster workstations, from rigidity to mobility, the design of the office has been completely turned around.

However when it comes to the physical planning, a few basic questions should be tackled, specifically around the nature of each of the roles performed within the business. Are there employees who will benefit from a coefficient and open workspace, and employees who would prefer segregated, distraction-free workstations? Studies show that workers are more productive when they sit next to people who have complimentary work styles. Consider if employees work individually or in groups? Do they meet with clients or customers frequently face to face? The challenge of considering even a couple of these issues may be daunting to you facing these decisions alone, but consider the rewards of on-point planning with experts in the field to help you design the best office layout for your employees and business. Not every solution will fit with your office dynamic, but flexibility is the beauty of these new trends.

With Office Group Office Furniture a solution can be provided to suit your specific needs and your office dynamic, with products that are flexible to change and change conveniently when required.

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