Looking for a new office desk?

Office Group has your back. We've helped furnish thousands of offices nationwide, and we pride ourselves on the quality, style and elegance of our study desks and tables.

Choosing the right office desk all comes down to your own specific set of needs - are you looking for corner office vibes, or do you need your apartment kitchen to double as an office? Either way, we can help you find the best, most ergonomic office desk to fit your lifestyle and needs.

And if your entire office floor needs new desks, we do bulk deliveries and installations too!

Looking for a new Office Desk

Frequently asked questions about office desks

What is the best type of office desk?

The best office desk for you all comes down to size, preference and functionality. While a large desk is great as it provides more workspace, it may not be practical if it doesn't comfortably fit in your office. L-shaped desks are popular as they offer more storage options off to the side.

If you're looking to create a communal work area and space is a factor, cluster desks with screen dividers are the way to go. Office Group supplies a wide range of office desks to suit any style and budget.

How much does an office desk cost?

The price of a desk varies greatly, depending on the size and material (veneer or melamine). Expect to pay anything from R5 500.00 for a smaller desk to R9 500.00 for a larger L-Shaped desk with storage. Executive desks typically start from R12 000.00.

What is a standard-size desk?

The standard size study desk is typically 1350x700mm, while an office desk is usually 1600x750mm.

Always consider what peripherals you'll use when deciding on a desk. If you have a laptop, keyboard, separate screen, and telephone, then consider a larger 1800mm wide desk or an L-Shaped desk as they have a larger surface area and can accommodate more storage.

What is an executive desk?

An executive desk is a large desk designed to create a strong presence. The desk is typically seen as the feature piece in any executive office and is finished with quality melamine or wood  veneer and can include matching wall units and server units.

Executive desks generally have ample storage, comfortable inlays, power docks and better cable management. Check out our stylish range of executive office desks.

Can I put a desk in my dining room?

You can, but unless your dining room is private and removed from the noisy traffic areas of your house, it may not be ideal. Better would be to place your desk in a spare room where you can close the door and work in peace.

What kinds of desks are there?

There are many types of office desks, all serving a different purpose. Executive desks create a strong presence; L-shaped desks are generally seen as the most practical, cluster desks are great for call centres when space is at a premium, and collaborative working is encouraged. Try a standing desk attachment if you want to bring some exercise into your working day.

Why do I need my own desk?

While it's always better to have your own space, shared office desks and work areas have become popular of late as more people work between office and home. Remember to keep your shared office area clean and tidy when you leave - as you would like to find it after someone else.

Are a desk and table the same?

Not really. While they describe a similar piece of furniture, a table usually refers to a communal worktop such as a conference or boardroom table. A desk is used by a single person for work or study.

Why do I need a table?

Simply put, ergonomics. Sitting on the couch or bed will cause back and neck pain, and you always run the risk of burns when using a laptop on your lap. Pair your desk with a quality, ergonomic chair and watch your productivity skyrocket.

What is the best table for studying?

A smaller, inexpensive desk with drawers is ideal for studying as you don't require a large working surface and have more options on where to set up the desk for peace and quiet.

What is the cost of a study table?

A small, quality study table starts from R3 800.00 and averages around R4 500.00. Office Group has a wide range of study desks and home office desks to suit your budget.

How can I increase my study table size?

While you cannot directly increase the size of the working surface, you can add drawers or a mobile pedestal to hide some of the clutter.

Do I need a home office desk?

Suppose you work from home - yes. Remember to put the desk in a quiet area in the house, preferably behind a closed door, to minimise distractions. View our wide range of quality home office desks delivered nationwide.

How do I choose the right study desk?

When it comes to a study desk, size should be your primary consideration. We advise choosing the largest desk that will fit in your space comfortably. Also, remember, you typically need 1m behind your desk for your chair. If you intend to place the desk in a common area, then style and colour would also be a factor. Office Group has a variety of study desks in various styles and colours.

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