Your mother always told you not to judge a book by its cover, but in the world of business, first impressions are crucial. Regardless of the type of practice you own, a patient’s opinion of your business begins the moment he or she walks through the front door. The more welcoming the space, the better your chances of building a positive client experience right from the get-go.


Here are five tips for creating an inviting reception area in your business:


1.     Offer a friendly greeting to each customer.

One of the simplest ways to make people feel welcome is to verbally acknowledge them as they arrive. The front office staff member in charge of receiving clients should be a bit of a social butterfly with a naturally outgoing, friendly, and helpful personality.

2.     Keep your entryway clean and clutter-free.

Visible grime is a universal customer turn-off — it suggests that you and your staff are lazy, disorganized, and inattentive to detail. There should be an, obvious path to your “landing area”—be it a front desk, a podium, or a main product display. Even if you’ve set up shop in an older building, you can create a feeling of freshness with new paint, flooring, inviting clean furniture, and light fixtures.

3.     Provide appropriate lighting.

There are lighting options out there, and the light sources you choose to incorporate in your office largely depend on what kind of mood you’re after. Soft, bright light gives people a sense of calm and increases the appeal of items on display. Low, warm light emits a “homey” quality and can add to the atmosphere and charm of your practice if you’re going for more of a family vibe. Compliment your lighting with clean, neat office furniture to give it a sense of professionalism.

4.     Incorporate memorable details.

Lots of reception areas have old, outdated décor or paintings; set your business apart by offering something fun and different—View some of Office Groups trendy paintings or planters and establish a few points of visual interest—silk plants or a tasteful piece of art. If you provide reading material in your waiting area, consider the interests of your clientele.

5.     Use décor to add personality.

Fashion is a means of personal expression; think of décor as a means of expression for your office—a way to reinforce your brand identity. This definitely is an area where you can get creative, but it helps to have some kind of focused concept. Too many clashing elements will overwhelm the senses and give off an air of chaos. If you’re a little clueless in the design department, consider consulting with one of Office Groups consultants to give you some suggestions.


Well, there you have it—five ways to spruce up your office reception area and create a first impression so memorable.

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