Moving office’s can be a dreadful and costly excercise!

When considering to move, one always thinks keeping the old office furniture will definitely save costs!
But does it really?



Moving Office – Will you save money taking your old desks? Seems like a good idea! Moving office is always stressful and seems really expensive. Costs come from everywhere. So does it really make sense to move those existing desks? Here are a few points to consider…



Do they have Metal Legs or Slab Solid Ends? If they have Metal legs go to the next point. If they have solid timber ends then forget it – they will never assemble correctly again, most will get damaged in transit, and they belong in the tip. They are not conducive to a modern work environment in so many ways. You will spend more moving them than they are worth and they will continue to cost you money for years to come. Dump them while you can.



On average you will pay around R840 a unit as part of a multi product move by the relocation companies. If they are workstations they will be around R1260 a unit. Consider this, if you lose the productivity of a staff member for a full day that’s another R2800 on average. So it is starting add up! That’s around R4900 per person to relocate your old desk. Modern workstation systems start at around R4000 per person including 4 power points per person with divider screens. So you can see that you are not really saving money by moving your old desks.



The biggest waste of money we see in relocated desk systems is in the retrofitting of power and data. Most business operators do not even ask the sparky for a quote – they just get on with it. But when they see the bill it is way more than anticipated. Modern workstation systems have fully resolved power and data solutions, and they reconfigure easily over and over again to meet the changing nature of your business.

For around the same money as moving your old desks – we believe you can move in to nice new, clean, modern office space and reduce your down time as well.

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