A good-quality office desk can last for years, especially if it is made with quality materials like steel legs and a cross beam for long-term support.

And whether you like to sit or stand at yours, the office desk is a vital part of the working environment. We use this piece of furniture nearly every day, but have you thought about how it can impact your wellbeing?

Having our own office desk is important as it gives us a sense of identity and provides a sense of ownership that makes us happier. And when we are happier, we are more invested, so we work harder.

But as companies adjust to new office occupancy patterns and hybrid work, they are shifting to unassigned spaces. Forgetting that a space dedicated to only work can help us feel anchored and increases creativity.

Another significant benefit of having one’s own desk is the chance to set things up for your body type. When you are in pain because your office desk is too high or too low, it is hard to find the focus to be productive.

Designated office desks can increase productivity

As the return to the office becomes more about choice and collaboration, business owners must reconsider space distribution and understand employees’ need for an appropriate work setting. The uncertainty of not having a desk is very unnerving to some people. Your workspace ties you to your place of work, after all, and without it, people say they feel lost.

Having a workspace to call one’s own boosts company morale because employees feel valued when they have high-quality, designated office desks. With a psychological need for boundaries and control over our space, we can also concentrate better when we know we are in a zone that is just ours.

Research studying the concept of flexible desks revealed that when employees can decide where they want to work each day, most people go to the office early to claim their choice spot. When this happens frequently, coworkers will see these spots as taken – and you are back to assigned seats again.

It is in our nature to seek stability; therefore, the predictability of having one’s own desk helps us conserve mental energy to focus on the work we have to do. And if you consider how territorial humans are, it is understandable that some employees find it unsettling when they don’t have a dedicated workspace.

Designated office desks can increase employees productivity

Can study desk styles affect employees’ moods?

Creating a work environment conducive to employee happiness is a great way to boost productivity. And office furniture can play a surprisingly big role in achieving this.

Apart from the colour of the furniture in your workspace, the design may also impact your mood. If you like a clean and uncluttered space, for example, but the study desk has no drawers or built-in storage, it could distract you from your focus.

Choose The Right Desk For Your Home Office

With all the choices out there, it is easy to get overwhelmed, so we’ve narrowed it down to a couple of elements to consider when choosing the right desk for your home office.

Where will it go?

Before purchasing, it is important to consider where the desk will go and to take actual measurements of the room and the spot intended for the desk. Knowing what space you have to work with will give you helpful dimensions. Make sure to measure your chair to ensure it fits under your desk.

How big will it be?

A piece of furniture that is too big for a room will impact the flow and make it hard to work efficiently in that space. A compact desk would make more sense in smaller spaces rather than trying to squeeze in a standard office desk.

What shape desk is best for the space?

A popular choice is a rectangular desk, which is often available in various sizes. Ideal against a wall, in a corner, or even in the middle of the room, but if you require a large workspace this might not be the best solution.

Corner desks work well in the corner of the room and can help to define more awkward spaces. It also offers ample space for those who like to work on multiple screens or for work that requires a bit more room.

Wave desks sport a curved edge in the front so that the desktop is deeper on one end than on the other side. This fits larger equipment with ease and can provide extra support for the hand that uses the mouse.

Office desks for your home office

Where to find the best office desks?

At Office Group, we offer the best office furniture for a functional and beautiful workspace.

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