It’s amazing what a difference adding office plants to an office space can make. You don’t realise it when they aren’t there but once you’ve introduced plants there’s no turning back!

As well as being visually pleasing there are an abundance of benefits that office plants have in a working environment – be it your own personal home office or a large corporate building.


Here are some tips and reasons to get adding that greenery:

  • Lush healthy plants create an instant effect softening walls and workspaces.
  • Office plants help improve acoustics. Reducing background noise by absorbing and deflecting sound.
  • They are portable and multi-purpose. They are a great way to create a soft barrier, separating large areas or to hide ugly areas of the office.
  • A healthy plant will deliver all the benefits of a clean air machine. Removing chemical toxins and carbon dioxide from the air and producing oxygen in its place.
  • Plants protect staff against ‘sick building syndrome’. Plants act like mini air conditioners, sucking up carbon dioxide and releasing fresh oxygen. NASA studies have shown that they also filter out volatile organic compounds such as formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene.
  • Plants release water vapour into the air. This counteracts the drying effects of heating and air conditioning and brings the humidity level closer to the ideal 30 – 60 percent range that prevents colds.
  • Research shows the office plants make people feel happier and less stressed. Employees who feel relaxed and mentally agile are more productive.
  • Plants make visitors feel more comfortable and welcome. Many retailers believe they increase retail spend as relaxed shoppers are more likely to browse and buy.
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